Act of Valor [2012]

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Act of Valor is a 2012 American action film directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, and written by Kurt Johnstad. It stars Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sánchez, Nestor Serrano, Emilio Rivera, and active duty U.S. Navy SEALs and U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen. The film was released on February 24, 2012.In the Philippines, a terrorist kills the American ambassador, his son, and dozens of children, using a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device at a private school. The mastermind, a Chechen terrorist named Abu Shabal, escapes to a training camp in Indonesia.

In Costa Rica, two CIA operatives, Walter Ross (Nestor Serrano) and Morales (Roselyn Sánchez) meet to consolidate intelligence about their target, a drug smuggler named Mikhail “Christo” Troykovich. Christo’s men kill Ross and capture Morales, bringing her to a riverside compound. Christo orders her to be tortured but kept alive until she tells the smugglers what she knows.

At Coronado, California, the members of Bandito Platoon, SEAL Team Seven are at home. Lieutenant Rorke confides to Chief Dave that his wife is pregnant, and has the entire team spend time together with their families until their next deployment. SEAL Team Seven is then deployed to Costa Rica to exfiltrate Morales.

The seven Navy SEALs insert into the jungle via HALO and hold position outside the compound all night. At dawn, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) are inserted down the river from the compound on-board Special Operations Craft – Riverine (SOC-R) and deploy a drone that identifies the guards and a large group of enemies camped down the road. The SEALs approach the compound, hear Morales being tortured, and decide to enter the compound early. Rorke and Weimy, the team sniper, provide cover for the other five, led by Dave, who conduct room-clearing, engaging several enemy guards. SEAL operative Mikey is shot in the eye, blinding him and knocking him unconscious. The SEALs extract Morales, escaping with her and recovering a cell phone full of the information she had gathered. However, the gunfight alerts the enemy quick reaction force down the road, who drive toward the camp. The SEALs commandeer an enemy truck and exfiltrate. The hot pursuit forces them to revert to a tertiary extraction point, where the SOC-R boats and SWCCs extract the team, and shoot up the enemy trucks and soldiers with miniguns.

Cristo and Shabal, who are revealed to have been childhood friends, meet in Kiev. Cristo knows the CIA is watching him and informs Shabal that subordinates will complete their project. Shabal is enraged, but goes to the factory that Cristo specified, where bomb vests are being assembled. These use plastic explosives and ceramic ball bearings to work like a claymore mine, can evade metal detectors, and are thin enough to be worn under any clothing without notice.

On the amphibious assault ship, Senior Chief Petty Officer Miller, the operations officer of the SEAL team, informs Rorke that Mikey will survive but has lost his sight in one eye. In addition, the intelligence they recovered confirms that Shabal and Cristo were working together. Shabal, an old-school Muslim terrorist, seeks to bring the jihad to the United States, while Cristo is not merely a drug dealer, but a smuggler, with routes and contacts for smuggling people into the U.S. Two of the SEALs, Ajay and Ray, are sent to Somalia, where an arms transfer involving Shabal is taking place. The remaining SEALs, composed of Rorke, Dave, Sonny, and Weimy, stay in the U.S. in case the terrorists make it in. Miller himself has been reassigned to SEAL Team Four, hunting for Cristo somewhere on the oceans. Lieutenant Rorke gives a letter to Dave in case he is killed.

The two SEALs in Somalia confirm the presence of Shabal and sixteen terrorists, and identify his plane. They track the plane to an island off Baja California, where the team assaults. They successfully attack and secure the island, killing eight terrorists. Rorke is nearly killed by an RPG that strikes his vest directly in the chest but does not detonate.

Meanwhile, in the South Pacific, Cristo is hiding aboard his yacht, guarded by gunboats and mercenaries. SEAL Team Four identifies the yacht with satellite imaging and deploys several helicopters and gunboats. They quickly kill the guards, capture the yacht, and capture Christo and his family. Senior Chief Miller interrogates Christo. Threatened with permanent separation from his family, Cristo reveals his connection with Shabal and his plans to have his martyrs detonate their vests at strategic points throughout the United States, causing a panic and doing economic damage surpassing that following the September 11 attacks. But Christo says he is powerless to stop the attack.

The SEALs are informed that not all of their targets were neutralized and that half, including Shabal, are en route to the United States, via tunnels underneath a milk factory. They are ordered to link up with Mexican Special Forces and neutralize the remaining targets. U.S. Marines relieve the SEALs, who then travel on to Mexico meeting the Mexican Special Forces. The Mexican leader informs the SEALs that the assault will be extremely dangerous, as the smugglers are supported by the well-armed local drug cartel, and that a “Black Hawk Down”–style stalemate would have political consequences.

The SEALs and Mexican forces assault the factory, hiding in dump trucks. The combined forces cordon off the factory while Rorke, the Mexican officer, Chief Dave, Sonny, and several other SEALs led by Weimy clear most of the factory. The Mexican officer is wounded and the SEALs are nearly killed as the explosive vest of a suicide bomber detonates. As they reach the tunnels, an enemy fighter drops an F1 fragmentation grenade into the room. Only Lieutenant Rorke sees the grenade land. Realizing his team cannot escape the room in time, he dives on the grenade and it detonates, mortally wounding him. Dave pursues the terrorists alone, while Sonny tends to Rorke. Dave catches up to the terrorists as they try to escape through the tunnels, but shoots seven of them as they flee into the entrance. However, Shabal appears and fires nearly thirty rounds from an AK-47 into Dave, destroying his weapon in addition to wounding him critically. Dave draws his sidearm and kills the eighth suicide bomber as he runs into the tunnel. Shabal approaches Dave and prepares to execute him, but is killed by Sonny.

At home, Rorke is given a military funeral with full honors, while Dave survived his injuries. The SEALs pay their respects, punching the gold SEAL tridents that signify them as SEALs into Rorke’s coffin. It is then revealed that Dave’s narration throughout the movie was a written letter meant for Rorke’s son, explaining the valor of the father he will never know, and ending with the poem “Live Your Life” by Tecumseh. The film ends with a dedication to every U.S. Navy SEAL killed in action since 9/11, and a list of their names.

The Avengers (2012)

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Marvel’s The Avengers (classified under the name Marvel Avengers Assemble in the UK and Ireland) is a 2012 American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures,1 based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is the sixth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is scripted and directed by Joss Whedon and features an ensemble cast that includes Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson. In The Avengers, Nick Fury, director of the peacekeeping organization S.H.I.E.L.D., recruits Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor to form a team that must stop Thor’s adoptive brother Loki from subjugating the earth.

Development of The Avengers began when Marvel Studios received a loan from Merrill Lynch in April 2005. After the success of the film Iron Man in May 2008, Marvel announced that The Avengers would be released in July 2011. With the signing of Johansson in March 2009, the film was pushed back for a 2012 release. Whedon was brought on board in April 2010 and rewrote the screenplay originally written by Zak Penn. Production began in April 2011 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before moving to Cleveland, Ohio, in August and New York City in September. The film was converted to 3D in post-production.

The Avengers premiered on April 11, 2012, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California. The film received positive reviews from most film critics and set or tied numerous box office records, including the biggest opening weekend in North America and the fastest film to gross $1 billion worldwide. With a worldwide total gross of over $1.46 billion, The Avengers ranks as the third highest-grossing film of all time. The film is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on September 25, 2012. A sequel to be written and directed by Whedon is scheduled for release on May 1, 2015.

The Asgardian Loki encounters the Other, the leader of an extraterrestrial race known as the Chitauri. In exchange for retrieving the Tesseract,2 a powerful energy source of unknown potential, the Other promises Loki a Chitauri army with which he can subjugate the Earth. Nick Fury, director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., and his lieutenant Agent Maria Hill arrive at a remote research facility during an evacuation, where physicist Dr. Erik Selvig is leading a research team experimenting on the Tesseract. Agent Phil Coulson explains that the object has begun radiating an unusual form of energy. The Tesseract suddenly activates and opens a portal, allowing Loki to reach Earth. Loki takes the Tesseract and uses his scepter to enslave Selvig and several agents, including Clint Barton, to aid him in his getaway.

In response to the attack, Fury reactivates the “Avengers Initiative”. Agent Natasha Romanoff is sent to Calcutta, India to recruit Dr. Bruce Banner; Coulson visits Tony Stark to have him review Selvig’s research; Fury approaches Steve Rogers with an assignment to retrieve the Tesseract. While Barton steals iridium needed to stabilize the Tesseract’s power, Loki causes a distraction in Stuttgart, Germany, leading to a confrontation with Rogers, Stark, and Romanoff that ends with Loki’s surrender. While Loki is being escorted to S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor, his adoptive brother, arrives and frees him hoping to convince him to abandon his plan and return to Asgard. After a confrontation with Stark and Rogers, Thor agrees to take Loki to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s flying aircraft carrier, the Helicarrier. There Loki is imprisoned while scientists Banner and Stark attempt to locate the Tesseract.

The Avengers become divided, both over how to approach Loki and the revelation that S.H.I.E.L.D. plans to harness the Tesseract to develop weapons as a deterrent against hostile extra-terrestrials. As the group argues, Barton and Loki’s other possessed agents attack the Helicarrier, disabling its engines in flight and causing Banner to transform into the Hulk. Stark and Rogers try to restart the damaged engines, and Thor attempts to stop the Hulk’s rampage. Romanoff fights Barton, and knocks him unconscious, breaking Loki’s mind control. Loki escapes after killing Coulson and ejecting Thor from the airship, while the Hulk falls to the ground after attacking a S.H.I.E.L.D. fighter jet. Fury uses Coulson’s death to motivate the Avengers into working as a team. Stark and Rogers realize that simply defeating them will not be enough for Loki; he needs to overpower them publicly to validate himself as ruler of Earth. Loki uses the Tesseract, in conjunction with a device Selvig built, to open a portal above Stark Tower to the Chitauri fleet in space, launching his invasion.

The Avengers rally in defense of New York City (the location of the portal), but quickly realize they will be overwhelmed as wave after wave of Chitauri descend upon Earth. Rogers, Stark, and Thor evacuate civilians with assistance from Barton, while Banner transforms back into the Hulk and goes after Loki, eventually beating him into submission. Romanoff makes her way to the portal, where Selvig, freed of Loki’s control, reveals that Loki’s scepter can be used to close the portal. Meanwhile, Fury’s superiors attempt to end the invasion by launching a nuclear missile at Manhattan. Stark intercepts the missile and takes it through the portal toward the Chitauri fleet. The missile detonates, destroying the invaders’ lead ship which disables their forces on Earth. Stark’s suit runs out of power and he falls back through the portal, but the Hulk saves him from crashing to the ground. Romanoff deactivates the portal to prevent further invasion. In the aftermath, Thor returns Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard. Fury notes that the Avengers will return when they are needed.

In the first of two post-credits scenes, the Other confers with his master3 about the attack on Earth and humanity’s resistance; in the second, the Avengers eat in silence at a shawarma restaurant.

The Reunion 2011

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The Reunion is a 2011 action film directed by Michael Pavone. The film stars John Cena, Ethan Embry, Michael Rispoli, Boyd Holbrook, and Amy Smart. The film was released on October 21, 2011

After the death of her father, Nina (Smart) is charged with fulfilling his last wish – bring her three brothers back together… Sam (Cena), a hardened cop currently on suspension; Leo (Embry), a loud-mouthed overbearing bail bondsman; and Douglas (Holbrook), a handsome 20-year-old thief fresh out of prison. When Leo discovers the con he pledged a lot of money for is suspected of kidnapping one of the wealthiest men in the country, he convinces his two brothers to join him on what will become a dangerous, yet exhilarating adventure.At the end of the film, Nina (Smart) shoots Sam (Cena) out of frustration.

In the Movie :

John Cena as Sam Cleary

Ethan Embry as Leo Cleary

Boyd Holbrook as Douglas Cleary

Amy Smart as Nina Cleary

Michael Rispoli as Marcus Canton

Gregg Henry as Kyle Wills

Lela Loren as Theresa Trujillo

Jack Conley as Jack Nealon

Carmen Serano as Angelina the stripper

The Darkest Hour is a Russian-American 2011 science fiction thriller film directed by Chris Gorak and produced by Timur Bekmambetov. The American-based production depicts an alien invasion and stars Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella, Olivia Thirlby, Joel Kinnaman, Rachael Taylor and Veronika Ozerova as a group of people caught in the invasion. The film was released on December 25, 2011 in the United States.

Ben and Sean, two young American men, travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/party locating software. They find their Swedish business partner, Skyler, has already made a deal with the Russians, using a knockoff version of the application. They then go to a local nightclub and meet Natalie, an attractive American woman, and her Australian friend Anne. They then go outside to witness what appears to be an Aurora Borealis. But some of the light suddenly separates and falls from the sky, landing all over Moscow. The lights then abruptly disappears, and when a police officer approaches it, the light disintegrates him and begins doing the same to anyone who comes near where the lights are. The lights, aliens protected by almost invisible force fields, then start hunting and killing everyone sending everyone into a complete panic.

Ben, Sean, Natalie, Anne and Skyler end up hiding in the club’s storeroom for several days. When they finally venture out, they find the city seemingly lifeless with everyone gone. They also discover that light bulbs and other electrical devices begin working when an invisible alien is nearby, creating a primitive early warning system for them.

The group makes its way to the American Embassy, which has been gutted. There they learn through a logbook that the invasion is worldwide. They take shelter in a building to get a better look onto the city and to find out where to go next, but Skyler refuses to do so and runs off. Above at the top of the building, they see an alien about to approach Skyler. Sean and Ben decide to try to save him, but are too late and he is killed. When the others go outside they see a light in a nearby tower and go to investigate. They also bring a working radio they’ve found at the embassy, which repeats a message in Russian. In the building they find a young woman named Vika and Sergai, an electrical engineer. He made the apartment into a giant Faraday cage that hides everyone inside from the aliens. He also developed a microwave gun that weakens the aliens’ force fields buying time to actually kill it. Vika and Sergai translate the message; which announces a nuclear submarine is waiting in the Moscow River to take survivors to safety.

As Sergai shows the boys the microwave device, Vika, Natalie and Anne go to other apartments to gather supplies for the submarine journey. An alien senses the women outside the Faraday cage and chases them, but Anne is hesitant to follow Vika when she tells them to follow her to safety and chooses to go another way sending Natalie along with her back inside. When they run to the apartment Natalie is unable to lock the door and the alien comes inside the apartment. Sergai shoots the alien with the microwave gun and finds that it only stuns them. The alien kills Sergai when the gun’s batteries run down. The others get out by the fire escape, but Anne hesitates to follow them and as a result is killed, horrifying Natalie. Natalie then sets the apartment on fire as they climb down to ground level where they meet up with Vika.

They meet up with Russian police who managed to wound an alien with conventional weapons, and Sean collects a piece of it. They were also able to construct another Faraday cage at the local library. The team eventually agree to help the remaining four to get to the submarine. The policemen believe that the aliens are strip mining Earth for conductive metals since giant light columns can be seen drilling all over Moscow.

While making their way through the subway an alien discovers them and they try to escape on the tracks. Vika becomes trapped behind a pillar, unable to join the others without being seen. Ben races over and helps her climb down to the tracks, but because of his effort to save her, he is captured and disintegrated as a helpless Sean is forced to watch his best friend die.

The survivors make it to a boat on the river, planning to travel downstream to the waiting submarine. Before they can reach it though, a new alien light beam destroys a building right next to the river, causing the boat to capsize and throw them all into the water. Finally swimming to the submarine Sean discovers Natalie is missing from the group. They then witness a flare fired from Natalie’s flare gun and Sean is determined to get her despite possibly missing his chance to escape the city. The police team agrees to go with him to rescue her after they build a second microwave gun. Sean eventually finds her hiding on a bus as the police team destroy four of the creatures using newly learned techniques and the microwave guns. However as Sean is about to get off the bus with Natalie, an alien gets onto the bus and locks the door and sends the bus speeding randomly around the city and almost manages to kill Natalie after pulling her towards it. Sean manages to kill the alien after destroying its shield with his microwave gun by discovering their hidden weakness – hurling the piece of wounded alien he collected earlier into the unshielded alien kills it instantly. The two barely manage to stop the bus where the others are, barely preventing a collision.

After returning to the submarine, the police team decides to stay and fight the aliens for their city. Sean, Natalie and Vika plan to spread what they learned about fighting the aliens – the microwave guns and their weakness to remnants of dead aliens – to other survivors and it implied that Sean and Natalie have become a couple after nearly sharing a kiss on the submarine. Later they learn that fighters in Paris managed to destroy an alien mining tower and the film ends on a hopeful note.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a 2012 American 3D supernatural superhero film based on the Marvel Comics antihero Ghost Rider. It is a loose sequel to the 2007 film Ghost Rider and features Nicolas Cage returning to his starring role as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. It is also the second film to be released under the Marvel Knights banner after 2008’s Punisher: War Zone. The film was directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, from a screenplay written by David S. Goyer, Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was released in theaters on February 17, 2012.

Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) was a former stunt rider who often teamed up with his father on various stunts. When he discovered that his father’s death is impending, he makes a deal with a man named Roarke (Ciarán Hinds) who claims to be the Devil in exchange for his soul and a curse to be set upon him. Johnny now hosts an entity called ‘The Rider’, a fiery demon who punishes sinners, no matter how petty the crimes are. However, his father dies anyway, and having two minds fighting for control over his new powers, Johnny attempts to stay as far away from mankind as possible and hides out somewhere in Eastern Europe (Romania).

In the present, a drunken priest named Moreau (Idris Elba) attempts to warn the monks at a castle that the Devil has sent out forces to retrieve the boy and his mother hiding there, despite the head monk’s (Anthony Head) reassurances. At that moment, mercenaries hired by Roarke breach the castle and kill all the monks except for Moreau and the mother, Nadya (Violante Placido) and her son Danny, who escape. Moreau chases after them, as well as the mercenaries. Trying to protect Nadya and her son, Moreau is driven off a cliff before he shoots the mercenaries’ tires, delaying them before they can go after the mother and son. He survives, as a tree breaks his fall. Moreau seeks out Johnny, who has been living in isolation in an abandoned village. Johnny is at first refusing, but when Moreau promises that the secret and ancient order he is a part of can exorcise the curse from his soul, Johnny agrees.

Nadya and Danny are found by the mercenaries, who drive their car off the highway and crash it. Their leader, Ray Carrigan (Johnny Whitworth), takes Danny after a struggle and attempts to execute Nadya. Meanwhile, Johnny, who has been holding back the Rider for some time, unleashes him, and transforms. He arrives just as Carrigan is about to kill Nadya and kills two of his men. The Rider senses the great evil in Danny and tries to kill him, but Nadya distracts him long enough for Cardigan to knock him out with a grenade launcher and takes away Danny. Johnny wakes up in a nearby hospital and confronts Nadya, who is also there. They both join forces in order to save her son. Meanwhile, Roarke arrives in Europe, and sets up a “firewall” to prevent the Rider from finding Danny, but advises Carrigan to run, as he can still sense ‘him’.

Nadya takes Johnny to one of Carrigan’s contacts, and finds that he is in an old quarry. Johnny begins to transform, and when Nadya confirms her son and Carrigan’s location, Johnny rides there mid-transformation. Carrigan prepares himself with an army of his men, including a rocket launcher that could hopefully defeat Johnny. The Rider appears and a battle ensues while Nadya frees Danny. The Rider makes short work of the mercenaries by “riding” a Bagger 288 and kills Carrigan. As Nadya and Danny escape, the Rider catches up to them and attempts to kill Nadya. But in Danny’s presence, the rider is forced to turn back into Johnny Blaze, partly due to being the Devil’s son. Roarke approaches Carrigan’s corpse, and resurrects him into the being known as Blackout, who can render a person’s environment pitch black and decay anything he touches. Roarke sustains some injuries due to his weak state on the Earth and sends Blackout to retrieve Danny.

Moreau catches up to the group and leads them to a Sanctuary, where the monks, including Methodius (Christopher Lambert) ensure the protection of Danny. Before the exorcism, Moreau explains to Johnny that the Rider was once the Angel of Justice, Zarathos, but was tricked into going into Hell and was driven insane. Retaining his sense of justice, Zarathos became a Spirit of Vengeance, though Johnny questions if the Angel is still inside. Johnny is successfully exorcised, but Methodius reveals his treachery and plans to kill Danny to prevent the Devil from taking over his body and achieving higher powers. Johnny, Moreau, and Nadya are imprisoned as Danny is about to be executed. However, Blackout arrives and kills Methodius and the monks, retaking Danny back to Roarke. Nadya is devastated by what has occurred, but Johnny swears to rescue Danny, even though his powers are now gone.

Armed, the group makes their way to a coliseum, where Roarke and his followers gather to enact the trade. Moreau distracts the followers while Johnny tries to get Danny, but is knocked back while Moreau is killed by Blackout. The ceremony interrupted, Roarke opts to kill Johnny in retaliation. Danny, knowing that he has his father’s abilities, returns Zarathos to Johnny, who becomes more powerful and is now able to exist in daylight, appearing to be in full control as well. Danny is taken again and a chase ensues between the Rider, Nadya, Blackout, and Roarke. The Rider dispatches Blackout and causes Roarke’s vehicle to crash. The Rider confronts Roarke, who declares that Johnny is “the worst fucking deal [he] has ever made”. The Rider then literally sends Roarke back to Hell, slamming him into the fiery depths of the Earth. Nadya catches up, but is dismayed to find the Rider pulling Danny’s lifeless body from the wreck of the car. Reverting back, Johnny says that he feels the Angel of Justice reawaken within him once more and resurrects Danny with the Angel’s blue flames. Johnny then rides off, now engulfed in holy blue flames, declaring that he is “The Ghost Rider”.

Housefull 2 (2012)

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Housefull 2 (also known as Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen) is a 2012 Indian comedy film directed by Sajid Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It is the sequel to the 2010 film, Housefull and stars Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Asin Thottumkal and Jacqueline Fernandez in lead roles and also features Ritesh Deshmukh, Zarine Khan, Shreyas Talpade, Shazahn Padamsee,, Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty and Boman Irani in supporting roles. The music is composed by Sajid-Wajid.  The film is said to be inspired from the 2003 Tamil film Banda Paramasivam directed by T.P. Gajendran and starring Prabhu Ganesan and Kalabhavan Mani in lead characters which in turn is a remake of Malayalam film Mattupetti Machan. Upon release the film received mixed reviews, however, the response was more positive than its predecessor and it opened very well at the box office and was declared a super hit by Box Office India.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (April 2012).
The film opens in a circus, where two cousins — Henna (Asin Thottumkal), the younger sister and Bobby (Jacqueline Fernandez), the elder sister of the Kapoor family who hate each other very much starts quarreling for something relating to their duties of Animals’ Law Authority. Their fathers Chintu (Rishi Kapoor) and Dabboo (Randhir Kapoor) are step-brothers who hate each other to the very core. Even their wives and daughters hate each other very much. Chintu wants the richest son-in law for his daughter, Henna, while Dabboo too wants the same for his daughter, Bobby. Aakhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey), a marriage counselor, brings Jai’s (Shreyas Talpade) father to Chintu.
However, Chintu verbally abuses the father and he ends in a hospital. Jai gets angry and vows revenge telling his friend, Jolly (Ritesh Deshmukh) who is the son of billionaire, J.D. (Mithun Chakraborty) to go to Chintu, accept to marry his daughter and then break off the wedding at the last minute. However, Jolly is very scared of his father and suggests Max (John Abraham), their former college mate and a thief, to do the job. Max is happy to do the job for a paycheck. Jai goes with Max as his driver but somehow, they end in the wrong house and go to Dabboo’s house.
Jai and Max later find out their mistake. Jai, still wanting revenge, doesn’t know what to do and Jolly suggests another former sleazy college mate, Sunny (Akshay Kumar). Jai says that Sunny is too big a rascal but agrees later. Sunny agrees to do the job for a paycheck and Jolly goes with Sunny as his bodyguard because Max and Sunny are sworn enemies and as Dabboo’s house and Chintu’s house are right next to each other, their plan may get destroyed. Pasta asks why they are enemies. Jolly and Jai then tell him that they used to be best friends. However during a party, Max’s girlfriend tries to seduce Sunny in a cupboard. She said that she thinks Sunny is hotter then Max. Sunny disagrees to do such a thing being Max’s best friend. While she was sexing Sunny, Max sees Sunny and his girlfriend together. His girlfriend tells him that Sunny tried to seduce her. Max knowing Sunny’s character thinks that she is telling the truth and breaks off the friendship. Sunny becomes furious as Max does not believe him and believes the characterless girl. From that night on, they share hard enmity.
Henna and Bobby go to Law Functions Award and are forced to go with Sunny and Max respectively. However, they all end up on an island. Sunny and Max have a fight where Sunny tells Max the truth. Max finally understands and they reconcile. On the other hand, Bobby and Henna reconcile and start to recognize each other as blood sisters. Due to Sunny’s and Max’s cons, Bobby falls for Max and Henna falls for Sunny.
On asking why he is so scared about his father, Jolly then tells everyone about his father’s past. J.D. was a bandit in India in a village named Gangapur. He surrendered to Batuk Patel (Boman Irani), as Batuk was his good friend. The day he surrendered, J.D. promised Batuk to get his son married to Batuk’s daughter, Parul (Shazahn Padamsee). He also tells them that J.D. is the abbreviation for Jagga Dakku (Dakku means bandit in Hindi), and adds that his real name isn’t Jolly, but it is Jwala, a name that only a bandit would keep his for his son. Meanwhile JLo (Zarine Khan), Jolly’s girlfriend, has been demanding Jolly to tell his father about her. Jolly does not do so as he knows a dark and terrifying secret about J.D.
Dabboo gets Jolly (Max) engaged to Bobby and Chintu gets Jolly (Sunny) engaged to Henna. To surprise Jolly, who is actually Sunny, Chintu blindfolds Jolly (Sunny), Henna, and Jwala (who is pretending to be a bodyguard), and takes them to J.D.’s house, believing Sunny to be J.D.’s son. When they open their eyes, Sunny and Henna are impressed on seeing the mansion, but Jwala is scared, and whispers the truth into Sunny’s ear. Sunny, frightened, hands the garland into Jwala’s hands. J.D. opens the door and believes that Jwala got engaged to Henna, and brings out a gun and shoots. Fortunately, everyone dodges the bullet and it hits the car. Sunny realizes what was going on, and goes to J.D. saying that he himself is Jwala’s new driver. Sunny promises J.D. to break Jwala’s and Henna’s engagement.
After Sunny fools Chintu, Chintu calls Dabboo in excitement and tells him that his daughter, Henna, is getting married to Jolly, the son of J.D. Confused, and believing Max to be Jolly, Dabboo takes Max and Bobby to J.D.’s mansion. Sunny handles the situation well by fooling J.D. by taking the name of his religion and tells him that Max is Jolly’s friend and Bobby is Max’s fiance (though actually it is true) and Max’s father is against his and Bobby’s marriage. J.D. then welcomes Bobby, Max and her family to his house and tells them to stay there up to Bobby and Max’s marriage.
Batuk Patel arrives with his daughter Parul to make things worse. Jai and Jwala come to receive them from the airport. But when they see Parul, Jai and Jwala lie that Jai is Jolly. Parul becomes happy hearing this as she secretly loved him. JLo gives Jwala the ultimatum — take me to your house or forget me. To help Jwala, Sunny lies to J.D. saying that JLo his his fiance and J.D. again agrees to let her live there as Sunny takes the name of his religion. Sunny and Max lie to their respective father-in-laws that the other guy is the son of J.D. and a maid servant in the mansion. This creates a lot of confusion. Sunny, Max, Jwala and Jai were Jolly in the eyes of Chintu, Dabboo, J.D., and Batuk Patel respectively. But J.D. thought of Sunny, Chintu and Batuk Patel thought of Jwala, while Dabboo thought of Jai to be the driver of Jolly.
When Sunny’s father as well as Max’s ‘Guru’ tells them never to break anyone’s heart, Sunny and Max tell the truth to Henna and Bobby. Enraged, Bobby and Henna slap Max and Sunny respectively and tell them that they never want to see their faces again. But thinking that instead of telling the truth, Sunny and Max could have done more wrong with them, the two sisters pardon the two boys on the very next day. There Jai and Jolly also let off their plan of revenge on Kapoors on Jai’s father’s advice. Then Henna proposes Sunny in Sunny’s language and Bobby proposes Max in Max’s language.
On the day of the four couples’ marriage, J.D. and the other brides’ fathers learn the truth about the grooms and that they have been lying all this time. Finally Bobby and Henna convince their fathers to forget their enmity and live together as blood brothers. Chintu and Dabboo join hands and so do their wives. But J.D. was not convinced by them telling the truth, so he turns back into Jagga Dakku and starts frightening the families with his gun. He shoots Sunny with his gun as Sunny is running towards J.D to save him from the falling chandelier and then he understands what was happening. In the end, all the grooms get married to their respective girlfriends.

Underworld: Awakening (also known as Underworld 4) is a 2012 American 3D action horror film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. It is the fourth installment in the Underworld film series, with Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as Selene. Theo James, Michael Ealy, and India Eisley appeared in new roles to the series. Filming began March 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film was released in Digital 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D theatres on January 20, 2012.

Six months after the events of Underworld: Evolution, humans captured the priority vampire target: Selene, during “The Purge”, a global military crusade to exterminate Vampires and Lycans after mankind learns of their existence. Humans call them “Non-Humans” and “the Infected.” During their crusade, vampires have waged guerrilla warfares against the government of their country, but the humans have overrun their clans and their tribes, forcing survivors to hide underground, resisting the occupation on their own.

Twelve years later, human governments have concluded the brutal genocidal campaigns against the vampires and lycans. They have annihilated 95% of the vampire race, and believe the lycans are extinct. Selene, dubbed “Subject 1”, is freed from cryogenic suspension by “Subject 2” and escapes the medical corporation named Antigen. The corporation is ostensibly trying to make an antidote for the virus that creates vampires and lycans. Selene starts to have strange visions after her escape, which she follows, believing them to be linked to her lover, the vampire-lycan hybrid Michael Corvin. The visions lead her into a building where she encounters David, a fellow vampire resistance fighter. While talking to David, Selene has another vision. Following the vision, she discovers not Michael, but a young girl called only as “Subject 2,” also known as Eve, later revealed to be a hybrid and the daughter of Selene and Michael. David, noting that Eve (Subject 2) has been injured by the lycans and is somehow not healing, takes them to his coven. David’s father, Thomas, does not welcome Selene and Eve. Blaming Selene for provoking the destruction of the vampire race, he stuns her with the news that Michael died twelve years ago. A vampire woman offers some of her blood to the wounded Eve, which she refuses to drink at first, implying that she has never drunk blood before. With Selene’s encouragement, she accepts the gift and heals extremely quickly.

Dr. Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, is revealed to be a lycan alongside his son, Quint. The “antidote” the corporation has been working on for many years is actually to make lycans immune to the deadly effects of silver on their species and to enhance their physical abilities. Eve’s hybrid genetic code is required to achieve this, so Lane sends Quint with other lycans to the vampire coven to recapture her. Meanwhile, expecting a human attack at any moment, David tries to rally the vampires’ resistances to fight back, while his father orders everyone to evacuate and hide. Most of the vampires stay, and arm themselves heavily. Unexpectedly, lycans arrived in large numbers instead, and numerous vampires are slaughtered, a huge blow to the coven also they realized that humans and lycans are working together. Selene encounters a gigantic “super lycan”, later revealed to be Quint, whose body is changed by injections using Eve’s genetic material. Selene is knocked unconscious under a pile of rubble during the fight, Eve is turned over to the lycans by Thomas in exchange for their departure, and David is mortally wounded during the battle. Selene decides to save Eve but first revives David using her immortal blood, given to her by Alexander Corvinus in Evolution.

Able to survive in sunlight, Selene enlists the help of Detective Sebastian, a human who tried to investigate Antigen earlier in the film. Sebastian agrees to help save Eve, admitting he was married to a nurse who was bitten at work and became a vampire. The two of them tried live together for a short time as husband and wife(from which he learned about the vampires history, possibly through his wife’s blood memories); but when authorities were going door to door killing streaks for Vampires and Lycans, instead of becoming another victim of the Purge, his wife decided to expose herself to the daylight rather than suffer at the hands of humans. Selene destroys part of Antigen’s headquarters using silver gas explosives, forcing Dr. Lane to move Eve out of the building to perform an operation to create more of the antidote. Selene escapes from the lycans in the building (Antigen is nearly entirely staffed by lycans). In the process, she finds Michael cryogenically frozen in a laboratory. She punctures his cell with a gunshot to defrost him. Escaping in a van, Dr. Lane is intercepted by Sebastian and then by Selene, who causes the van to crash. Quint arrives, transforms into his super lycan form, and fights Selene.

Eve awakens on her stretcher, frees herself from the van, and fights Dr. Lane, who has also injected himself with the super lycan formula used on Quint. Sebastian and the revived David aid Eve in her fight until she kills Dr. Lane by ripping his throat out. Meanwhile, Quint corners Selene in a small cement guardroom but is forced to revert to his human form to get to her, only for Selene to shove an activated silver-based grenade into Quint’s body. He heals instantly, trapping the grenade inside. Panicking, Quint half-changes back to his lycan form, but it is too late, and he explodes.

Selene goes to free Michael but finds he has already escaped. Eve, sharing his vision, learns he is on the roof. Selene, Eve, and David run to the roof, only to find Michael has gone. Selene narrates, concluding that she will find Michael and take back the world from the humans and lycans, so the vampires can rebuild themselves. Selene continues by concluding that the Vampire Covenant will not only survive this world but it will reclaim it.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (also known as Mission: Impossible IV or Mission: Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol) is a 2011 American spy film, and the fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible series. It stars Tom Cruise, who reprises his role of IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, and is director Brad Bird’s first live-action film. Ghost Protocol was written by André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum, and produced by Cruise, J. J. Abrams (director of the third film) and Bryan Burk. It is the first Mission: Impossible movie to be partially filmed using IMAX cameras. The film was released in North America by Paramount Pictures on December 16, 2011, to positive reviews and box office success. It is the highest-grossing film in the Mission: Impossible series worldwide.

In Budapest to intercept a courier working for a person code-named “Cobalt”, IMF agent Trevor Hanaway is killed by assassin Sabine Moreau. Hanaway’s team leader, Jane Carter, and newly promoted field agent Benji Dunn extract Ethan Hunt and Hunt’s source Bogdan from a Moscow prison. Hunt is recruited to lead Carter and Dunn to infiltrate secret Moscow Kremlin archives and locate files identifying Cobalt. During the mission, someone broadcasts across the IMF frequency, alerting the Russians to Hunt’s team. Although Dunn and Carter escape, a bomb destroys the Kremlin, and Russian agent Sidorov arrests Hunt, suspecting him as part of the attack.

The IMF extracts Hunt from Moscow. The Russians have called the attack an undeclared act of war, and the US president activates “Ghost Protocol”, a black operation contingency that disavows the IMF. Hunt and his team are to take the blame for the attack, but will be allowed to escape from government custody in order to track down Cobalt. Before Hunt can escape, the IMF’s secretary is killed by Russian security forces led by Sidorov, leaving Hunt and intelligence analyst William Brandt to find their own way out. The team identifies Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist who plans to start a nuclear war. Hendricks bombed the Kremlin in order to acquire a Russian nuclear launch-control device; however, he now needs the activation codes from the Budapest courier in order to launch a nuclear missile at America.

The exchange between Moreau and Hendricks’s right-hand man, Wistrom, is due to take place at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. There, Hunt’s team members separately convince Moreau and Wistrom that they have made the exchange with one another. However, Moreau identifies Brandt as an agent. While Hunt chases Wistrom—only to realize that Wistrom is actually Hendricks in disguise, escaping with the codes—Carter detains Moreau. Moreau attempts to kill the inexperienced Dunn, and Carter kicks her out a window to her death. Brandt accuses Carter of compromising the mission for revenge against Moreau, but Hunt accuses Brandt of keeping secrets from them, as he has displayed fighting skills atypical of an analyst. While Hunt seeks more information from Bogdan, Brandt admits he was assigned as security detail to Hunt and his wife Julia in Croatia. While Brandt was on patrol, Julia was killed by a Serbian hit squad, prompting Ethan to pursue and kill them before he was caught by the Russians and sent to prison.

Bogdan and his arms-dealer cousin inform Hunt that Hendricks will be in Mumbai. Hendricks facilitated the sale of a defunct Soviet military satellite to Indian telecommunications entrepreneur Brij Nath. The satellite could be used to transmit the order to fire a missile. While Brandt and Dunn infiltrate the server room to deactivate the satellite, Carter gets Nath to reveal the satellite override code. But Hendricks has anticipated Hunt’s plan and turns off Nath’s servers before sending a signal from a television broadcasting tower to a Russian nuclear submarine in the Pacific to fire at San Francisco. Hunt pursues Hendricks and the launch device while the other team-members attempt to bring the broadcast station back online. Hunt and Hendricks fight over the launch-control device before Hendricks jumps to his death with it to ensure the launch. Dunn kills Wistrom, allowing Brandt to restore power to the station and enabling Hunt to deactivate the missile, while the fatally wounded Hendricks witnesses the failure of his plan. Hunt is then confronted by Sidorov, who sees Hunt has stopped the missile, proving the IMF is innocent in the Kremlin bombing.

The team reconvenes weeks later in Seattle. Hunt introduces the team to longtime colleague Luther Stickell and then issues new assignments. Dunn and Carter accept, but Brandt refuses. Hunt reveals that Julia’s death was staged, as he knew he could not protect her, and used her death as a pretext to infiltrate the prison and get close to Bogdan, an IMF source on Hendricks. Relieved of guilt, Brandt accepts his mission while Hunt watches Julia from afar. She spots him, and they share a smile before he embarks on his next mission.

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Will You Marry Me? (Hindi: विल यू मर्री मी) is a Hindi romantic comedy starring Shreyas Talpade, Rajeev Khandelwal, Mugdha Godse and Muzamil Ibrahim in lead roles. The film is about a beach wedding. It was shot in several locations including Fujairah and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Mumbai, India and Bangkok, Thailand.

The film centres around three friends who love their bachelorhood so much that they place a bet among themselves that whoever decides to marry first will lose a huge amount in shares that were contributed by all three. All is well until one decides to take the plunge and make a commitment.


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London, Paris, New York also known by the abbreviated form LPNY, is an Indian romantic comedy film that marks the writing and directing debut of Anu Menon and stars Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead roles. The official theatrical trailer was released on 14 January 2012 while the film was released worldwide on 2 March 2012.

The movie starts with Nikhil Chopra being interviewed by a reporter in New York asking him about his newly directed movie and why he chose a serious subject and he replies saying that he was asked by someone to be true to yourself and this movie shows the biggest truth about him. He then receives a message and rushes outside to catch a cab.

In the cab, he remembers how he met Lalitha in London airport. She misses her connecting flight to New York and bumps into Nikhil while collecting her luggage. They instantly strike a cord and decide to explore London as both of them do not want to head away to their homes but enjoy their first day of freedom. During the day, they roam around in London, explore tourist locales, get drenched in rain and discuss personal ambitions. As the day ends, Nikhil and Lalitha become close but Lalitha declares that she cannot have a long distance relationship with him. While parting ways, Nikhil buys a ticket for himself and tells Lalitha that he will come to New York in 6 months to meet her. She says that they should not write to each other and he agrees to meet her in New York airport.

After 2 years, Nikhil rushes to Paris when he finds out that Lalitha has come there for an exchange program. It is revealed that Nikhil could never make it to New York as he had promised to Lalitha. Lalitha is at first angry with Nikhil for ditching her, however soon she makes peace with the fact and they set out roaming the streets of Paris. They still feel the same attraction for each other and end up spending the night together in Nikhil’s hotel. Nikhil admits that he is in love with Lalitha. They start out to watch the film he has made for his course but Lalitha is unable to control her emotions on seeing it.

It is revealed that Lalitha had actually taken a trip to London when she also realized that she was in love with Nikhil. However, she finds him in bed with her film actress which completely breaks her heart. She resolved to get even with Nikhil if given a chance. Realizing that Nikhil is in love with her, she breaks his heart too and leaves for New York.

The film moves forward to present day when Nikhil lands outside Lalitha’s house. They go together for a cab ride in New York City. Lalitha tells him that she is getting married and relocating to Mumbai. Nikhil tried his best to win Lalitha’ heart. Lalitha also apologized for breaking his heart. They again spend the night together on the streets.

However, as morning dawns in, Lalitha starts rushing for her wedding which leaves Nikhil heartbroken again as he had thought he had won back Lalitha’s love. He takes out his angst at her explaining to her, how she had been all wrong in this relationship. Lalitha leaves for her house. Nikhil rushes first to her church where Lalitha was getting married and then to her house only to find out that Lalitha had called off her marriage.

They again meet outside her house and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

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