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My room-mate insisted and as earlier I made him see movies that I like I had to go this time with him. So, there I was at Cinemax, wonder mall @10.30PM last night with a disgust in my mind and little hope that I would like this movie. The scary thought was that the movie had songs!!!

Theme: The story is set in fashion technology college. Vishal and Rahul are friends and Malavika and Preity are friends. Vishal take the identity of Rahul in Facebook and similar happened with Preity. They chat, impress each other and fall in love. The catch here is that in real life Vishal and Preity can’t tolerate each other. One minute with each other would translate into a fight. Well, a known premise with predictable twists and climax. Concept matches (very slight and I’m just nitpicking) with “10 things I hate about you” and “You’ve got mail”.

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