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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings has one good quality: the effects are mostly not computer generated so they do not look extremely fake anymore. Actually, some deaths are pretty decent with good and gory effects. (some, not all). But unfortunately, that’s the only good point this movie has. Because a horror movie is not just gore for the sake of gore. This sequel lacks tension, excitement or even common sense: the story is rather stupid and the characters are very annoying and their actions make no sense at all. The bad omen start from the beginning during it’s prequel: In the asylum it is said that Three Finger chewed off his other two fingers and One Eye stabbed himself in the eye. Hello: that’s part of their disfigurement ! When the so-called cast is introduced they’re all having sex (some even in the same room). Yes, that’s how the characters are portrayed: stupid, horny teenagers who have no clue what’s going on.

All the other “Wrong Turn” movies are outdoor adventures but due to budget constrictions, this one mostly takes place inside the asylum (like 95% of the movie). What really kills the story (besides the lame ending) is the moment when four of the remaining teenagers hunt the mutants down into a prison cell. The man of the group wants to burn them down but the girls decide that they don’t deserve that and that it’s not a decent thing to do (Hello, they just killed off most of your friends!!) So they let them live so the mutants can escape once again.

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